Heimran is the name of the planet. The planet is seperated into two categories titled: Geosphere and Aerosphere.
     Apulei and Mousta are in the Eastern Geosphere. Certnm, Tuqii and Glados are in the Western Geosphere.
     Fere and Golre are continents and islands that float in the sky.

The story of Nearly There Nicely takes place on Apulei, but the planet's history and backstory is covered with some detail in regards to the other continents.


The Pearl Miracle is an instance of a force of energy created by the gods that cannot alter the base rules of the world, such as relocating souls from one dimension to another. Rhys is the most recent person to use the Pearl, in year ROXX16, for the creation and establishment of Leinzlia.

Life and Death

Going between life and death means travelling between the worlds of Black (life, where things are written), and the world of White (death, where you can only read). To get from one world to the other you must pass over the Threshold. Unique circumstances will trap souls in endless loops (Broken souls), or on the Threshold.

The Soul

The "soul" is a single thing that exists within every human which acts similar to a labyrinth- a bunch of small rooms with dark short corridors between them. Upon being created and living in the world of Black, a soul writes memories. Memories that are lost are found and taken care of by the god of amnesia, Neo Phyte. When a human dies, they pass through the Threshold and enter the world of White- a world where no new memories are created.
If you lived for 21 years in the world of Black, you will live for 21 years in the world of White, before going back to the Threshold and the world of Black.

Magical Items

In the world of Heimran, there is a wide array of magical items and relics that are used throughout the narrative. Some items are transformative (like Invictus), and some are stable (like Tenebrae).
Some of these items, like Invictus, have a really long painful history, dating back to near The Beginning.